Pelican cases and all other injection molded cases provide professionals with products that allow them to safely and effectively do their work. Pelican Cases is the most well known manufacturer of this style of case and all airtight/watertight injection molded cases are commonly referred to as “Pelican Cases” by many customers even if they are not manufactured by Pelican.

Pelican cases, along with our other injection molded cases we carry are built with the best materials and finest construction methods to ensure the highest quality. The result is a guaranteed product you can depend on for years.

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Rifle Cases

These waterproof cases are also excellent for military applications, and are also available with custom foam inserts and/or panel mounting options.

If you don’t require airtight/watertight construction on your small injection molded case, but still want the same heavy duty protection, check out our line of black ribbon cases below:

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A complete list of some of the Pelican cases you are likely to find in our inventory would include:

  • Carry on and transport cases
  • Rifle and other weapons cases for both storage and transport
  • Top loader cases
  • Hardback laptop cases
  • Cube cases
  • Overnight cases
  • Miniature storage and protective gear such as micro cases and memory card cases

More about Pelican cases
Pelican cases are designed by Pelican Products. Pelican’s molded plastic cases provide an airtight, waterproof seal, using a gasket. Cases by Pelican are made with a Gore-tex barometric relief valve. During transportation or during changes in air pressure, this relief valve effectively prevents barotrauma.

Pelican cases are compliant with standards set by NATO, ATA, the US Military and numerous other standards organizations. The standards cover all pertinent issues such as stacking, durability, impact and of course, waterproofing. Pelican Products was founded in 1975 and is a world leader in the development and manufacture of military cases and storage cases. Pelican has distribution centers around the world and Pelican transport and storage cases are regularly featured in movies and television shows such as CSI.

All Pelican cases feature a lifetime warranty. In fact, the company’s motto is “You break it, we replace it…forever.”

Did you know?
Pelican cases are sold as Peli cases in Europe, as the word “Pelican” is trademarked by a different company there.